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Jessi Who? an original web series coming to YouTube August 7th! Rebecca plays Randi – a badass, vegan, patriarchy smashing, strong woman. Check out the official trailer below and subscribe!

Drawing Blanks is an episodic comedy series coming soon! Rebecca Galcik plays Ripley – the boss, the creative, the one you don’t want to piss off. Check out the IMDB page below!

Check out Rebecca’s IMDB page for updates on upcoming projects and more!


“The final scene of the play between Marlene and Joyce is also stunning. Galcik and Richardson know this scene inside and out. The two sisters argue over the central problem of the play—Angie is really Marlene’s child, but was raised by Joyce. The two navigate the would-have, could-haves of their past, unearthing resentments and illustrating the nearly impossible situation that Womanhood has put them in. Their dialogue flows like a river, hitting high points and low points, splashing against barriers and overflowing with rising tension. The two perform the scene with an excellent handle on the rhythms of the language and the vulnerability of their characters.”

Taming of the Review by Holly Griffith on ART’s Top Girls Showcases Top Female Talent with Rebecca Galcik as Marlene.

“a solid Rebecca Galcik, who plays Marlene.” by Kathleen Allen on Top Girls with Rebecca Galcik as Marlene.

“This cast of University of Arizona students — Rebecca Galcik, Anza Keller, Eavan Clare Brunswick and Gabriela Giusti — is strong and being the almost-pros that they are, they embraced the characters.” by Kathleen Allen on Like Heaven with Rebecca Galcik as April.

“As Ariel’s mom and Moore’s wife, Rebecca Galcik was equally adept at delivering a heartfelt performance.” by Gil Benbrook on Footloose with Rebecca Galcik as Vi Moore.